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Our mission is to empower professionals to develop knowledge & skills successfully.



Apply to Join the Board of Directors

Dear Prospective ATD Puget Sound Board Member,

Thank you for your interest in serving on the ATDps Board. The Board is passionate about working together as a team to help chapter members develop professionally and build strong relationships to empower professionals to develop talent in the workplace. We believe that together, we create a world that works better. Open board and volunteer positions can be found here.

If you need help convincing your boss, here is a template to help you craft your messaging.

To formally apply for a Board of Director role, please complete the ATDps Board of Directors Application which will include attaching a current resume/CV. To view Board roles and position descriptions, continue to scroll on this page to learn more. 

All board positions are required to be a member of the following organizations to serve on the ATDps Board. If you are not currently a member, you can join when you become a Board member:

      • ATD Puget Sound Chapter
      • ATD National - After joining the Board, the cost will be discounted and ATDps will reimburse $100 reimbursed of this fee upfront at the beginning of your term. The remaining balance will be reimbursed at the end of a full calendar year of service. You may wait until being voted on to the Board to register.*

We look forward to serving with you. 


Sarah Schillen, MA, CPTD

Past President

*National Membership is required for DIRECTORS only; other volunteer levels do not require ATD National membership. 

Board of Directors

We need superb leaders like you to improve and achieve the chapter's vision.

In September of each year, we accept applications for positions slated to open the following January. Serving on the Board of Directors gives you an opportunity to guide the direction of the chapter and demonstrate leadership in the ATD community. 

Serving as a board member will give you leadership experience with one of the largest ATD chapters in the United States.  

Click a Board Role below to view the position description to learn more about the responsibilities and average time commitment of each role. 

Board Role

Role Will Open Again

President **


President Elect


Past President


Director of Finance *

  June 2024* (see below)

Director of Membership Experience


Director of Programs


Director of Communications


Director of Research


*The Director of Finance has a 6 month on-boarding process. The Director of Finance-Elect position will open again in June of 2024. See responsibilities for more details. 

**The position of President requires at least one year of service on the ATDps Board.  

All positions on our Board of Directors require a two-year commitment with the exception of the President-Elect and President.  

Please check back on this page and read the monthly newsletter for announcements regarding Board positions that may unexpectedly open up outside the annual cycle.

Current Organizational Chart We hope you will consider getting involved with us!  We look forward to hearing from you!
If you have additional questions about our Board, please email the President for more information.  

For application to open Board Roles (typically recruited in August - September):  Board Application



ATD Puget Sound Chapter
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Seattle, WA 98146



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