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 Chapter Newsletter


ASTD Chapter Newsletter
                                                                               October 2016 Issue | Special Conference Edition
President's Message

Our Annual Workplace Learning Conference is here!  On October 12th we will pack the Mercer Island Event Center with Talent Development Professionals.  This year we will explore Our Legacy as Learning Professionals.  This is such a great topic to delve into.  What do you want your legacy to be?  How do you get there?  What does it look like?   We will explore this through 1 dynamic day filled with 2 keynote speakers and 20 breakout sessions.  

I beam with delight in this conference.   As a past conference committee member, I know how hard our conference committee has worked to bring you the best programming at the best value.  This conference has great energy with people that are passionate about learning and who want to be better versions of themselves.  This is a conference that embraces introverts, give space to those that are overwhelmed by the word networking all while creating a space that welcomes a collaborative spirit and networking opportunities.  How do we do this? You will have to come and see for yourself!  We have created a space that is safe for you to learn, connect and grow in your own way.

We are supported by generous sponsors this year who want to ensure you have access to cutting edge systems, subject matter experts and new solutions to your everyday problems.

If you researched the conference earlier when we first started promoting it, I encourage you to go back and check it out;   a lot has changed and we have been able to bring you a more robust program in a shorter timeframe.  I challenge you to read the breakout sessions and not be intrigued by at least 10! 

Registration is still open and space is filling.  I hope to see you there!

Get engaged.  Explore possibilities.  Be happy. 

Kati O'Brien

 Workplace Learning Conference 2016  |  Our Legacy as Learning Professionals
October 12, 2016 | Workplace Learning Conference Schedule at-a-Glance
This month's message is simple:  Please join us at our annual conference next Wednesday, October 12.  This year's conference connects you with the best learning and development professionals, workshops, and networking. 

Best of all, it's packed into one day right here in Seattle! Don't miss out on this fantastic event with keynotes from Kelly Palmer from Degreed and Anakha Coman from Awake at Work, and a a diverse group of facilitators and speakers to build your knowledge and expertise.

Join us at Mercer Island Community Center  | Register Here or at the door until 8:30 a.m.
See what incredible learning and experiences we have in store for you:

 Interest Group Meetings for October
Are you interested in joining a small group around specific talent development topics and or interests? 
We have just what you're looking for in
 one of our seven ATDps Interest Groups Topics range from CPLP certification, member networking, learning and technology, south sound professionals, or learning in the purpose economy; be sure to review what's on offer this month! Interest group and partner events on our calendar for the month are:
 South Sound Interest Group Has so Much to Offer: 
Check Out Their Upcoming Meeting Schedule

IT IS A NEW SEASON OF PROGRAMMING FOR THE SOUTH SOUND SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP IN LAKEWOOD!  The ATDps South Sound Special Interest Group in Lakewood, Washington, has launched a new season of programming centered around on the ATD Core Competencies.

Mark your calendars for the 1st Tuesday of the month from 5:30 PM to 7 PM
to network, learn and share with other talent development and learning professionals in the South Sound (and beyond) area. Take a look at what's on offer for the next few months; come join us!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016 – Knowledge Management with Sally Janis.
TOPIC: Knowledge Management: Capture, distribute, and archive intellectual capital to encourage knowledge-sharing and collaboration.  Our very own Sally Janis, ATDps Director of Communications, will share her insights and expertise in the area of knowledge management.  With program experience in both KM and Learning and Development, Sally will share her perspective on how knowledge management is an employee development enabler.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 - “Beyond ROI” with Dr. John Inman
TOPIC: Evaluating Learning Impact: Use learning metrics and analytics to measure the impact of learning solutions.  Join John Inman as be presents “Beyond ROI: How LD can contribute to the delivery of value to stakeholders.” Learning and Development can move beyond the framework of ROI and help the organization deliver value. What does this look like and why is it important?

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 – Coaching with Emily Barnett
TOPIC: Coaching: Apply a systematic process to improve others’ ability to set goals, take action, and maximize strengths).  During Employee Learning Week (ELW), we will be having a special presentation on coaching by Emily Barnett, Senior Project Manager at Invista Performance Solutions, who will examine various practices and innovations in an engaging and lively discussion.

A huge thank you to Don Sosnowski and his incredible Invista Performance Solutions team for hosting the monthly meetings at their Clover Park Technical College office.

For additional information, please visit the EVENTS > INTEREST GROUPS section of the ATDps website or contact Brent Kobayashi (brentkob@icloud.com) or Marie Tjernlund (marie@nobleedgeconsulting.com).

Member Spotlight this Month: 
Nancy Bacon, Bacon International - L&D for Non-Profits

Hi, Nancy!

Where are you from, and what brought you to the Puget Sound area?
I am originally from the village of South Dennis on Cape Cod, though my father’s career in the military led us to live in Germany, Holland, and Michigan along the way. My time at Swarthmore College yielded a double major (Economics/German Literature) and a future husband from Seattle who, like most Seattlites, seems to have been born with a homing device leading him back to Nirvana (the state more than the band). After 20 years, Seattle feels like home, except when the car in front of me stops abruptly because a pedestrian seems to be approaching a crosswalk.

What do you love most about the Talent Development industry?
Since it is election season, I’ll answer a different question: What do I love most about creating experiences that allow others to learn? I train the people on the front lines of everything good in our society—the food bank staff, the domestic violence shelter directors, the environmental protection associations, and others. I teach them how to have a better board, raise more money, engage volunteers, and read balance sheets. If they learn something and can turn that learning into action, our communities will be better places for all of us. I can’t save the whales and right the wrongs of inequality, but in one training I can teach those who can.

Why did you join ATD Puget Sound, and in what ways are you involved?
 There is no culture of training as a profession in the nonprofit world. I work among nonprofit capacity builders who are heavily invested in the content but who are less invested in the way that content is delivered to people who have no requirement to learn. I joined ATD to be a part of a peer group of smart thinkers who take adult learning seriously. I am still finding my way in how to be involved and look forward to building connections.

Any fun or interesting facts you would be willing to share?
The number that defines my work is 58,000, the number of nonprofits in Washington State. Okay, that includes the PTAs, the HOAs, and others who aren't flocking to our workshops, but if we consider each nonprofit having an average of 10 board members, that means there are roughly 580,000 nonprofit board members who need to be trained in basic board practice. That has defined how we develop curriculum and how it gets delivered to leverage where people learn.

What is a career or development goal you are working on?
I have grown very interested in the work of Emma Weber, Cathy Moore and others focused on action—how do we build learning experiences that have focus, reflection, and accountability so that people can transfer learning into action. After a busy spring and summer, I hope to revive my blog (ChunkFlipGuideLaugh.com) and reflect more on good adult education and its role guiding nonprofit staff to build a better world.

Nancy Bacon
Bacon International, L&D for Non-Profits

 Membership Inspiration for the Month

Hello and greetings to my colleagues and friends helping to make their organizations the HPLO’s of the future (High Performance Learning Organization). 

As I hope you already know, this month has our biggest event of the year… The 2016 Workplace Learning Conference: Our Legacy as Learning Professionals!  I am so excited to see you there and wanted to take this moment to share some reasons you should attend conferences and seminars:

Personally, the learning and connections gained from attending the ATDps Workplace Learning Conferences of the past have been so rewarding and enriching. 100% something worth making the time for.

See you there!


Kyle McCurdy
Director of Membership

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