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ATD TK - New Orleans

February 07, 2023 8:00 AM | ATDps Admin (Administrator)

ATD TechKnowledge is a three-day, immersive experience for talent development professionals who utilize and embrace learning technologies. Whether you’re just starting your L&D career, curious about what is on the horizon, or super-charging your knowledge bank to make meaningful change, ATD TK is the best way to learn about the latest industry trends and newest innovations disrupting the learning landscape.  

Don’t expect a conventional conference! ATD TK is designed to provide intentional interactions and dialogue among participants and speakers alike. The combination of lecture-type sessions, interactive workshops, hands-on learning labs, and casual networking make ATD TK a one-of-a-kind experience you can’t get anywhere else. And because it was designed by practitioners for practitioners, we’re confident you’ll leave with learning you can apply to your job immediately. 

For those who think ATD TK is all ideas without immediate practical application, think again! Our mission is to ensure you walk away not only inspired but empowered to apply what you learn immediately back on the job to make an impact. So, bring an open mind and be ready to fill it with the knowledge you need to shape the future of work.   

If you are planning to attend, register here and use our CHiP Code - 8020 and the chapter will get a rebate from your registration fees.



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