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 Chapter Newsletter


ASTD Chapter Newsletter
                                                                              July 2016 Issue
President's Message

Summer is officially upon us, but that does not mean the learning stops.  There is excitement within the Talent Development Industry and we at ATD Puget Sound are excited to be on this journey with you.  The month of June was busy at ATD Puget Sound.   We had two Professional Development events with over 80 attendees, plus our amazing chapter meeting on Designing Effective Learning Exams.  In the rush of summer, I want to point out some upcoming events to mark on your calendar:

  • Our July chapter meeting will be held on July 19 with a topic of ‘How to Ensure Learning Sticks’ with Ray Makela.   This topic was specifically chosen as a result to responses on member surveys.   See chapter meeting details below.
  • The Leaders in Talent Development event on August 23.   This event is free to members and is the highlight of the summer.  This event features networking, best practice sharing, and a panel discussion from leaders in our industry.  Please remember this events fills fast; the last three years it was standing room only.   I encourage you to secure your spot now! (Please note there will be no chapter meeting in August.)
  • The Workplace Learning Conference (WLC) will be held on October 12-13 at Mercer Island Community and Event Center.  Based off conference attendee surveys, we have updated this conference to a two-day event.   The first day is a standard conference structure with the second day as an open space structure.   This is an event you will not want to miss!

Get engaged.  Explore possibilities.  Be happy. 

Kati O'Brien

What an Exciting June for Special Events! 
We Delivered the Onboarding Hackathon, and Learn-a-palooza events.
Thank you to all who were able to join us for our special events in June.

Onboarding Hackathon ran on Friday, June 10, providing an event where over 30 talent development professionals shared and worked on ways to make employee onboarding better.  Both Darren Nerland, Learning Strategist, and Stacey Gardner, Learning and Development Senior Specialist, from Microsoft facilitated the session.  Materials from the session can be found here

You can read more about the topics and outcomes of the event on our ATDps LinkedIn discussion forum posting here.  Thank you Bruce Cronquist for sharing content and your overview about the Hackathon.

Learn-a-palooza 2.0 ran on Friday, June 24, engaging a group of 60+ learning development and talent management professionals on emerging learning trends and practices. The event helped each of the attendees end their week on a great note and kick-off the first weekend of summer. 

Thank you to all the presenters and experts in our community who helped to make this event a success.  ATD Puget Sound Members can find the materials from the event here on the ATDps website.  Additional information and resources from the session SMEs is below:

Darren Nerland's session keynote presentation on Learning Mythbusting can be found here.

The Institute for the Future’s report on Future Workers and the Forbes article referenced in the Speed Learning session facilitated by Karen Thornton.

Ryan Gunhold’s Learning Ecosystems presentation.

Microlearing best practices from Tammy Dietz's presentation can be found here.

Want to learn more about Action Learning or didn’t get a chance to check it out but wanted to?  Andrea Cole has a 2-day Foundations in Action Learning workshop and a longer one in July.  Monthly AL chapter meetings resume in September.

ATDps would like to bring L&D professional, coach, and founder of The Coloring Project Andrea Koehler back for a more in-depth session, but need your input. Take this quick survey to shape future programming on this topic.

If you liked what Degreed’s Aaron Anderson shared and want even more, join us at the October Workplace Learning Conference, which Degreed’s new Chief Learning Officer Kelly Palmer will keynote!

Purpose Workers and the Purpose Economy will continue to be a hot topic; find the transformative work of Bobby Bakshi here.

Finally, check out the fun 360 degree group photo by Paolo Tosolini of RUN Studios here

Stay tuned for more information and updates on ATDps Events.

Erin Peterschick
Director of Special Events

 Chapter Meeting | July 19, 2016, from 5:30 - 7:30 PM  | @ Mercer Island Community Center

How to ensure training sticks: The manager’s role in the transfer of learning
July 19, 2016, from 5:30 - 7:30 pm, please note this is an evening meeting, at Mercer Island Community and Event Center.  Please join us for this month's chapter meeting by registering here.

About this Chapter Meeting:
Ray Makela, Senior Facilitator from Sales Readiness Group (SRG) will lead this interactive session that will enable the manager to help ensure training sticks in their organization. After the session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify creative ways to engage managers before, during and after training to ensure training sticks
  • Review a skills profile to identify the desired skills and behaviors covered in the training
  • Analyze post training assessment results to pinpoint areas for additional reinforcement.
  • Discuss examples of how managers can take responsibility for training reinforcement and ongoing skill development without additional budget requirements.
This chapter meeting will focus on the Training Delivery pillar of ATD's overall competency model.
 Interest Group Meeting for July
It must be summer vacation, because we only have one this month!

Are you interested in joining a small group around various talent development interests? 
Join one of our 
six interest groups around topics like the CPLP certification, member networking, learning and technology, south sound professionals, or learning in the purpose economy. 

Interest group and partner events on our calendar for July includes the Networking Interest Group meeting on July 27, 2016, starting at 5:00 p.m.  Click here for more info and to register.

 Membership Inspiration for the Month

Happy July fellow ATDps Members!  I don't know about you, but it feels to me like things just keep changing faster and faster these days.  I was listening to the radio and learned of a book published back in the 70s called 'Future Shock' in which change is progressing so quickly that people start going insane.  Ever feel like that?

A defense for me has been reflecting on my context, what I can control, and what I cannot. I encourage you to think of the parable of the brick layers (paraphrased):

"A man came across three men laying bricks.
He asked the first one, 'What are you doing?'
The man answered 'This my job, i am laying bricks.'
He asked the second one, 'What are you doing?'
The man answered 'This is my job, I am building a church.'
He asked the third one, 'What are you doing?'
The man answered 'I am making a place of worship and community'"

Be well and have a wonderful summer!


Kyle McCurdy
Director of Membership
Member Spotlight for July
Our Member Spotlight for July is Brent Kobayashi, Training Manager at DaVita.

Hello, Brent!

Where are you from, and what brought you to the Puget Sound area?
I was born and raised in Kelowna, BC, Canada and moved to Vancouver, BC after high school.  While working in the luxury hotel industry in various food and beverage management roles, I discovered my passion for training while facilitating food and beverage, and customer service courses.

After my wife completed medical school in Vancouver, we ventured to San Diego and then Chicago as she completed her residency/fellowship.  I continued as a training manager for Four Seasons Hotels.  We then moved to Austin for the next 10 years as my wife began practicing as a neonatologist.  At first, I was a stay-at-home dad raising our two kids and part-time consultant and eventually started working for EZCORP, an international pawn shop company based in Austin, TX.  We missed our family, as well as the Pacific Northwest, so when an opportunity became available for my wife in Tacoma, we jumped at the chance and moved to Gig Harbor, WA.

What do you love most about the Talent Development industry?
We are faced with challenges that do not just impact business results, but also people. Witnessing those “aha” moments during class, watching metrics move in the right direction, observing behavior you helped to guide, seeing people engaged and smiling – that’s what I truly love about this industry.

Why did you join ATD Puget Sound, and in what ways are you involved?
In Austin, I became very involved with the local SHRM and ATD chapters and realized the value of being engaged with these incredible associations. Within a few months of moving to Gig Harbor, I joined the ATD Puget Sound Chapter.  A small group of us, along with support of the ATDps leadership, have been able to develop and nurture the ATDps South Sound Interest Group, which provides an opportunity for talent development professionals located in the South Puget Sound region to network and learn from each other.

Being involved in ATDps has been extremely beneficial both professionally and personally.  In addition to increasing my talent development knowledge and building a strong professional network, I have been able to create some incredible life-long relationships. If you have a specific need, keep asking and you are likely to find it – if not, go ahead and create it. I truly believe the more you get involved as a member, the more you get back.

Any fun or interesting facts you would be willing to share?
In addition to two incredible, talented teenagers, my wife and I have two playful and loveable Labradoodles (and two grumpy cats). During our free time, we enjoy snow skiing, kayaking, paddle-boarding and boating.  I enjoy spending time at the ice rink watching my son play ice hockey or experiencing the latest pop-punk band visiting Seattle with my daughter.

What is a career or development goal you are working on?
There is always so much to learn.  In addition to focusing on performance improvement and evaluation in my current role at DaVita, I am always looking at new ways to innovate learning design and delivery.  Currently, I am learning more about Cathy Moore’s instructional design action mapping model.

 Coming Soon, The ATD Puget Sound Annual Survey!
Last year we adjusted the timing of our annual survey to collect feedback in the fall instead of the spring. This change allowed the Board to be more responsive to your feedback as the results were used to plan a strategy and set goals during the January Board Retreat.

Our Board is committed to making decisions that have a clear benefit to current and future members. To ensure we have a vital organization with rich developmental opportunities that are valued by our members, it’s important for use to be in tune with your challenges and your needs. The annual survey gives us a chance to delve more deeply and plan accordingly.

Be on the lookout for the ATDps Annual Survey to launch in early September.

PS: If you are survey-savvy, and you want to get involved? Please send me a mail at research@atdpugetsound.org, I would love to chat with you!

All the best,

Erin Clarke
Director of Research
 Chapter Volunteer Opportunities
One of the best ways to get to get to know other ATD Puget Sound Chapter members is to volunteer!

One of the best ways to get to get to know other ATD Puget Sound Chapter members is to volunteer. Everything we do and accomplish is done with the talented members in our chapter; this is a safe place to grow your skills.

With that in mind, we currently have the following volunteer positions:

Newsletter Editor. Working closely with the Director of Communications, the newsletter editor collects and organizes information for a short monthly newsletter to be sent out to ATDps and National ATD members. If you have competencies in written communication and editing, are detail-oriented, and enjoy collaboration and teamwork, this role would be a great fit.

Coordinator for Employee Learning Week. This person coordinates the events and activities for the annual ATD Puget Sound Chapter’s Employee Learning week in order to heighten awareness and recognition of the workplace learning profession as well as the ATD Puget Sound chapter. This is a great opportunity to use and strengthen your communication, event planning and management, volunteer management, government & media relations, interpersonal skills, as well as persuasion competencies.

Details for each of these roles can be found on our ATD Puget Sound website.

All the best,

Janet Williams Hepler
President Elect


 October's Workplace Learning Conference
 What will your legacy as a learning professional be?
We're getting very excited for our October Workplace Learning Conference where we will explore the role of L&D professionals as change agents and legacy makers.  Our keynotes are all confirmed and we think our members will derive a lot of value from hearing/learning from these industry leaders: We hope you're as eager as we are to connect with each other and the amazing individuals above.
Guarantee your spot and register today Full conference program to be published later in July.

Call for Pro Dev Presenters & Event Contributors: Want to learn more or get involved in planning the 2017 Professional Development events?  Or, want to share your skills and knowledge with our members through a Pro Dev workshop? Contact specialevents@atdpugetsound.org  to help shape the future of learning and the future of the ATD Puget Sound chapter. Learn on!
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