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New in 2018: 
ATDps Podcast (Pilot)

Our pilot program is alive and well. ATDps Members have long enjoyed the ability to upstart a new project or initiative and we are excited to announce the roll out of this exciting new media exploration. 

The podcast pilot will run for 8 weeks before formally launching on official channels. Episodes will be released regularly featuring upcoming speakers, industry partners, authors and members of our community.

The podcast pilot is hosted by Scott Melanson, Senior Instructional Designer at Construx Software and former Director of Communications for ATDps. If you have ideas or want to get involved in this project, please reach out to Cynthia Wong, Marketing Manager. 


All pilot episodes are currently being hosted on our Soundcloud page. Members are invited to contribute original content to the podcast series with an eye towards adding value to our member base and the industry at large across the Puget Sound region. All episodes will first be posted here before submittal to the offiical iTunes, Spotify, and other streaming platforms. Your engagement, sharing, and participating in projects like this are what make our community so unique. Join us in this process, and thanks for tuning in!

Episode #008 "#WLC18 Preview" feat. Cynthia Clay, Logan Reed, Craig Plain (Session Facilitators for #WLC18)

Episode #007 "Microlearning: #WLC18 Keynote Preview" feat. Summer Salomonsen

Episode #006 "Future Proofing: #WLC18 Preview" feat. Geoffrey Colon

Episode #005 "Announcing #WLC18" feat. Renin Oliver, Andrew Herkert

Episode #004  "Infinite Potential Leadership" feat. Anu Arora

Episode #003  "All about Learnapalooza" feat. Darren Nerland and Erin Peterschick

Episode #002  "The Neuroscience of Connection: Conversational Intelligence" feat. Logan Reed.

Episode #001 "Learning at the Speed of Lean" feat. Todd Hudson
Listener's Note: Todd has presented at our Workplace Learning Conference and most recently our May 2018 chapter meeting on Mercer Island.



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