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Chapter Meetings

The Puget Sound chapter holds monthly meetings to provide opportunities for networking with workplace learning professionals and to continue our own learning.  Meetings are generally held on the third Tuesday of each month, but check our calendar below as days of the week and times can change, depending on availability of space and presenters.  Most chapter meetings are held at the Mercer Island Community and Event Center.

For more information about chapter meetings e-mail the Director of Programs.

Interested in being a presenter for a chapter meeting? Visit the "Be a Presenter" page.


Upcoming events

    • 18 Jul 2017
    • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
    • Mercer Island Community and Event Center,8236 SE 24th Street, Mercer Island, WA 98040

     ATDps: July 2017 Chapter Meeting

    Self Development for Leaders

    Whether you are responsible for developing individuals or teams, building programs or focusing on your own leadership skills, this session is for YOU. This month’s speaker will review 8 key tips to ensure you are on a path to leadership or that you are continuing to hone your leadership skills.

    After the session, participants will be able to:

    • Self diagnose areas of opportunity for improvement
    • Delineate values from practices
    • Champion big ideas
    • Lead transparently and consistently

    This chapter meeting will focus on the Integrated Talent Management pillar of ATD's overall competency model.


    5:30 PM – Doors open, networking

    6:00 PM – Presentation

    6:30 PM – Additional networking

    7:30 PM – End

    In her role as Director / Talent for Nordstrom, Amelia Ransom is responsible for strategies and initiatives, which improve how the company attracts and retains employees, both in the early stages of career and beyond. She is also responsible for enterprise-wide diversity and inclusion programs.

    Amelia has held numerous management positions at the department, store and corporate levels. Amelia served as divisional VP of Diversity Affairs where she supported the company’s commitment to diversity through its efforts in the areas of recruitment, employment, promotion, diversity education and community relations. Amelia has served on local and national non-profit boards, including Seattle Goodwill, Junior Achievement of Western Washington, The National Hispana Leadership Institute, Seattle Central College Foundation, and Strive DC.






    Pre-Registration - Members attend at no charge (Walk In Rate Members $25)

    Pre-Registration - Non-Member $40.00 (Walk-In Rate $45)

    Online Registration Closes On The Sunday Prior To The Chapter Meeting. At That Time We Are No Longer Able To Accept Pre-Registrations.

    Please note that once the online registration is closed, we encourage and welcome you to attend and pay at the door.

    We are not able to issue refunds after the Friday prior to the meeting.  Substitutions are encouraged.


Past events

20 Jun 2017 June 2017 Chapter Meeting ~Workplace Stories: Designing Engagement into Your Training Programs
16 May 2017 May 2017 Chapter Meeting ~ Coaching
18 Apr 2017 April 2017 Chapter Meeting ~ Cultivating a Culture of Engagement and Accountability
21 Mar 2017 March 2017 Chapter Meeting ~Gender Identity Issues and the Workplace
21 Feb 2017 February 2017 Chapter Meeting ~Best Practices Sharing: Working for managers without talent development backgrounds
17 Jan 2017 January 2017 Chapter Meeting ~ Training Tools from Microsoft
15 Nov 2016 November 2016 Chapter Meeting ~ When Difficult Employee Behavior Becomes Detrimental
20 Sep 2016 September 2016 Chapter Meeting - Best Practice Sharing: Managing Learning Programs
23 Aug 2016 August 2016 Leaders in Talent Development
19 Jul 2016 July 2016 Chapter Meeting ~How to ensure training sticks: The manager’s role in the transfer of learning
21 Jun 2016 June 2016 Chapter Meeting~Designing Effective Learning Exams
17 May 2016 May 2016 Chapter Meeting ~ Co-Creating Learner-Centric, Brain-Friendly Events
19 Apr 2016 April 2016 Chapter Meeting ~ Onboarding: Clear, Simple and Hassle-Free
15 Mar 2016 March 2016 Chapter Meeting: Best Practice Sharing on Change Management
16 Feb 2016 February 2016 Chapter Meeting~Star Talent: Investing in High-Potential Employee Development
19 Jan 2016 January 2016 Chapter Meeting~Member Best Practice Sharing: Performance Management
17 Nov 2015 November 2015 Chapter Meeting: Lean Project Management in Talent Development
15 Sep 2015 September 2015 Chapter Meeting:Real Life Lessons in Change Management: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
25 Aug 2015 August 2015 Leaders in L & D Event
21 Jul 2015 July 2015 Chapter Meeting: Proving Business Results in a Data-Driven Organization
19 May 2015 Cancelled: May 2015 Chapter Meeting
17 Mar 2015 March 2015 Chapter Meeting:Learning Orientation in the Classroom
17 Feb 2015 February 2015 Chapter Meeting - Evaluating Learning Impact = Evaluating Your Impact
20 Jan 2015 January 2015 Chapter Meeting: LMS Show & Tell: How Seattle U Leverages Canvas to Maximize Learning
16 Dec 2014 December 2014 Chapter Meeting - Taming Abrasive Leaders
18 Nov 2014 November 2014 Chapter Meeting: Stop Rescuing; Start Coaching
21 Oct 2014 October 2014 Chapter Meeting -Integrated Talent Management Scorecards: Insights From World-Class Organizations on Demonstrating Value
16 Sep 2014 September 2014 Chapter Meeting: Leadership in L&D
19 Aug 2014 August 2014 Chapter Meeting - Obtain Commitment to Learning Easily: Master the Art of Paradigm Shifting
15 Jul 2014 July 2014 Chapter Meeting - Maximizing Internal Employee Career Development to Improve Retention
20 May 2014 May 2014 Chapter Meeting - Using Creative Awareness to Build Your Capacity for Innovation
15 Apr 2014 April 2014 Chapter Meeting - Creative Tactics for Adult Learning
18 Mar 2014 March 2014 Chapter Meeting - Learning in the Cloud, What do learning platforms look like in the future?
18 Feb 2014 February 2014 Chapter Meeting - Problem Solving Through Action Learning
21 Jan 2014 January 2014 Chapter Meeting - What A Producer, Writer and Performer Can Teach You About Great Trainings
03 Dec 2013 ELW 2013 - Workplace Learning Professional Best Practices Event
19 Nov 2013 November 2013 Chapter Meeting - Integrate Talent Development at the Source: The Manager
15 Oct 2013 October 2013 Chapter Meeting - Let's Play! How to Gamify Your Learning Experience
17 Sep 2013 September 2013 Chapter Meeting - Mitigating the Perfect Storm: How anticipating change saturation can lead to better enterprise change management
20 Aug 2013 August 2013 Chapter Meeting ~ Leveraging Basic Evaluations for Deeper Insights
18 Jul 2013 July 2013 Chapter Meeting - Stress and Burnout in the Training World
12 Jun 2013 June 2013 Joint Networking Meeting
22 May 2013 May 2013 Chapter Meeting - Accelerating Innovation
16 Apr 2013 April 2013 Chapter Meeting -“Increasing Performance through Effective Communication”
20 Mar 2013 ASTDps Chapter Meeting - March 2013 -The Pace of Facilitation: Balancing Action with Process
19 Feb 2013 ASTDps Chapter Meeting - February 2013
15 Nov 2012 November ASTDps Chapter Meeting-What Got You Here Won’t Get You There: How to Dramatically (and Measurably) Improve Your Leadership Coaching Skills
18 Sep 2012 September ASTDps Chapter Meeting~ The intersection of Change Theory & Grief Process: The How and Why Behind Organizational & Behavior Change
21 Aug 2012 August ASTDps Chapter Meeting-Communication in Action - Improv for Business Systems
17 Jul 2012 July ASTDps Chapter Meeting ~ ICE At a Glance
19 Jun 2012 June ASTDps Chapter Meeting
15 May 2012 ASTDps May Chapter Meeting ~ From ILT to VILT: Lessons Learned
17 Apr 2012 April ASTDps Chapter Meeting - Fostering Courageous Collaboration in Organizational Culture
20 Mar 2012 ASTDps Chapter Meeting - March 20, 2012
21 Feb 2012 February ASTDps Chapter Meeting - Reusable eLearning Interfaces: It’s Not Just User Interface Anymore
17 Jan 2012 ASTDps Chapter Meeting - Cancelled due to weather!
13 Dec 2011 A Professional Networking Mega-Mixer: Putting the “social” back into networking - December 13, 2011
15 Nov 2011 ASTDps Chapter Meeting - November 15 2011
18 Oct 2011 ASTDps Chapter Meeting - October 2011
20 Sep 2011 ASTDps Chapter Meeting - “Leveraging and Linking the Power of Learning,” with Tony Bingham and Jason DeLeon
16 Aug 2011 ASTDps Chapter Meeting - A Case Study: Using Experiential Education to Impact Transfer of Learning


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