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FREE WORKSHOP~ “How to Manufacture Heat in the Classroom”

27 Jan 2017 9:00 AM | ATDps Admin (Administrator)

ATDps Members are Invited to deepen their facilitation skills in this FREE 2 hour workshop, facilitated by Sage Ways Consultants Anita Bhasin and Liz Welch.


About the workshop: “How to Manufacture Heat in the Classroom”


As facilitators, we often need to bring people to their learning edge. To do this through the lecture/storytelling mode just isn’t enough…. instead we need to focus on experiential learning where we produce ambiguity, uncertainty, and confusion for leaders— not comfort. Creating this heat provides the crucible for learning. This can be very uncomfortable for facilitators who will almost certainly be blamed for the confusion. But for development to occur, “trainers” must learn to stop teaching and step aside.


The purpose of this session is to provide you with an under-the-covers view of how you can intervene skillfully to raise the heat in the classroom. The method of teaching this session is different from what you might traditionally find in a classroom. The intent is to create the conditions in the room that you might find in your workplace so that you can learn how to intervene skillfully by doing so yourselves while in this session. The process involves taking risks, learning on the edges of your current knowledge and expanding it, and learning by actively doing leadership -  not listening to someone talking about leadership. This approach, called Case-in-Point was pioneered at Harvard and aims to help participants bolster their leadership capacities by having them experience challenges in the "here and now," rather than simply discussing leadership concepts.


To learn more about who should attend, what you’ll learn, the method used, and your facilitators please visit the REGISTRATION link, where you can also register to participate.


Space is limited to 24 participants, so grab your spot today!


Link to registration:



Link to more information about Case-in-Point:  http://ii.library.jhu.edu/tag/case-in-point/




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